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Dr. Alan O'Connor B.Sc., D.C.

  • Dr.
    Alan O'Connor

    3Dr. Alan's passion for chiropractic began at the age of eighteen. Diagnosed and bedridden with mononucleosis, a friend brought him to see a chiropractor. This was where he experienced first hand the power of an adjustment. The rapid return of his health began his journey into finding out more about the chiropractic principle.

    Gathering some work experience along the way, like working several years in a hospital setting as an Operating Room Assistant and Fracture Room Technician has added to Dr. Alan's understanding of the complexity and awesomeness of how the human body works.

    His studies began at University of Waterloo taking  Health Studies and Kinesiology. After finishing his Honours B.Sc., he continued his studies in Toronto at the Canadian Memmorial Chiropractic College.
    Dr. Alan began practicing in Waterloo in 1993.  He holds post-graduate specialty studies in: Pediatrics and Pregnancy Care (F. I.C.P.A), certified in the Webster Breech-turning Technique, Spinal Reconstruction (CBP and ABC Techniques) and Custom Foot Orthotics. In April 1994 he opened his own clinic in Ayr, Ontario, where he poured his heart into helping people on the road to wellness. A recent move of his practice to Kitchener, Ontario and a 'renaming' of the clinic to The Spinal Garage Wellness Centre has broadened his vision as he plans to have a multi-doctor practice available six days a week.

    While chiropractic is weaved into every bone of his body, his faith and his family come first. Alan is married to his wife Susanne, for 25 years now. They have four children together: Ian, Scott, Kevin and Kathryn. When he's not in the office or spending time with his family, you'll find him at the lake where he manages to find a bit of balance! Dr. Alan thanks you for the opportunity to participate in the renewal of your health.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""I have had severe headaches and lower back pain for 13 years. I also kept getting colds that ended up in pneumonia and endometriosis for 5 years. Sometimes I needed to take days and weeks off work to recuperate and just stay in bed. At one time I even had to stop working for 4 years, and as a teacher this was very discouraging. I had seen many doctors and was taking Tylenol, Ibuprofen and sleeping tablets plus was told that I needed surgery.

    After I started Chiropractic care, I can honestly say that everything is almost 100%. I have so much more energy and any sign of lung or sinus congestion disappears with an adjustment. Even my gums don't bleed anymore! Everybody should go to the chiropractor to feel rejuvenated!""
    - T.P.

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